About Me

Hi, I'm Han Yong. Here's some cool stuff that I've been working on lately.

> HanYong.origin
  => "St. Paul, MN"

> HanYong.education
  => "University of Minnesota - Twin Cities"

> HanYong.major
  => "Mathematics - Genomics"

> HanYong.graduationDate
  => "May 2017"

> HanYong.interests
  => ["Dynamical Systems", "Code", "music", "marathons", "cross-country skiing"]

> HanYong.workExperience.latest
  => Latest Work Experience
        company: "Fulbright"
        role: "English Teaching Assistant"
        startDate: "July 2017"
        endDate: "Present"

> HanYong.resume
  => "Wunrow_HanYong_CV.pdf"

> HanYong.email
  => "hanyong.wunrow@gmail.com"


My senior honors thesis on the Birkhoff Conjecture for Convex Billiards. As part of the project, I created a Mathematica notebook to visualize the trajectories of the billiard ball its corresponding phase diagram.


In my final project for my course on Computational Techniques for Genomics, I implemented the nearest-neighbor interchange (NNI) tree search algorithm in MATLAB for parsimony analysis.